The Listener ceases publication

With the end of the NZ Listener announced last week, no more issues will be published after 1 April 2020. This means there will be no more Tossman cryptic crosswords unless a purchaser is found for the magazine, or Tossman finds another home for his puzzles.

We are sorry to see the end of the Tossman puzzles in the Listener. We’ve enjoyed solving these puzzles and posting solutions, and the interaction with other enthusiasts in the comments sections.

We will still publish solutions for the Kropotkin and Observer Everyman puzzles published in the Saturday edition of the NZ Herald.

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How to solve Kropotkin, Tossman and other cryptic crosswords.

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6 thoughts on “The Listener ceases publication

  1. Jennifer Were

    It’s a sad, sad realization that the current issue of my Listener is the last . I so looked forward to the Tossman puzzles, the book reviews and the insightful views of the columnists, not to mention the cartoons..I can only hope that something positive is the outcome for this and all the other Bauer Co publications removed so summarily from circulation in NZ. Thank you for your excellent solving and explanations over these many years. All Good Wishes, Jennifer

    1. pavlov.a Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer. Yes, it’s very sad to see the Listener go and the Tossman puzzle with it. I’m hoping to find something to fill the gap so watch this space! Best wishes…

  2. Anne Scott

    I will miss my weekly Tossman puzzle and remain hopeful that the New Zealand institution that is the Listener is purchased by a new publisher and returns to us in its full glory. I would happily subscribe to a printable version of a weekly crossword on your site – paypal anyone?

    1. pavlov.a Post author

      Thanks, Anne. Yes, I’m sure a revamped Listener with a new owner would have a ready market. I haven’t composed crosswords in the past but am considering it now!

  3. Richard Frankland

    Any chance of a collection of the first 1000 Tossman cryptic crosswords? I only started to do them 2 years ago. I’d happily pay. Preferably a printable PDF file, or 1 file per crossword.

    1. pavlov.a Post author

      Hi Richard – this site is just for sharing my solutions, I don’t create the crosswords! But David Tossman does sell a book of his crosswords at There are also collections of the Guardian / Observer crossword puzzles which I can recommend – they have been readily available in bookshops in the past.

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