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BoTW: Secrets of Satori mountain

Warning: this post contains spoilers which will help you power up before taking on the game’s strongest enemies. The early stages of the game in Breath of the Wild can be frustrating, especially if you find the finer details of combat difficult to master. Once you are ready to leave your starting point on the Great Plateau, you’ll be given the paraglider and directed to head East to start the main quest.
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BotW: Keeping track of blood moons

The blood moon mechanic in Breath of the Wild is a key part of the game. Early on, the blood moon can just feel like a way to make the game harder. But later on, it’s clear that each blood moon provides a chance to get valuable resources. This post describes a simple way I use to keep track of the blood moon cycle. It also describes an odd glitch where the blood moon reset occurs without the cut scene playing.

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06: Hateno house repairs

Dearest Lasli,

PayaJust a brief note to let you know what’s been happening here in Hateno. I am keeping busy with things around the house. I like to keep it tidy, so that when Link returns from his adventures at the end of the day everything looks welcoming. I make sure there is food on the table and there are fresh flowers around the place.

The other evening I mentioned to Link that there was a small leak in the roof, and that my bedroom gets a puddle during the frequent heavy rain here.


The next morning he was up on the roof early, and soon found and repaired the leak. What a kind and thoughtful soul he is! I know you admire him as much as I do 🙂

I hope all is well with you and the store is keeping you busy.

Ps please give Cottla and Koko a big hug from me – I miss them too.

Your dear friend…


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BotW: Farming diamonds

Diamonds are the most valuable gems you can come across in Breath of the Wild. As well as fetching a high price from merchants, they are also used for dyeing and upgrading armour. But perhaps their most important use is in having the champion weapons remade when they break. This post describes the most reliable place in the game to find diamonds.

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BotW: Farming ancient cores and other Guardian parts

Ancient parts, especially ancient cores and giant ancient cores, are used in Breath of the Wild for crafting ancient weapons and arrows, and for upgrading the game’s powerful ancient armour. This post describes some easy locations that consistently provide the best drops of ancient parts, including drops of multiple cores.

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BotW: Stocking up on arrows

The availability of arrows in Breath of the Wild can be confusing – and running out of arrows can be a nightmare, especially in the early game! So it’s important to understand the basic mechanism the game uses to ensure a good supply of arrows from the various shops and merchants scattered throughout Hyrule.
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BoTW: Farming giant ancient cores

Giant ancient cores are one of the hardest items to obtain in Breath of the Wild, but also pretty essential for acquiring and upgrading important weapons and armour. This post explains one reasonably fool-proof and safe way to farm them. The drop rate of giant ancient cores in this location over time is 1 in 8.
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