Cryptic clues of the week: 28/6/17

A couple of interesting clues this week in the Tossman crossword: see if you can work them out before showing the answers.

Tossman 1033

Pitchers put sheep at risk oddly (5)

‘Pitchers’ is the definition. ‘Sheep’ is EWE and the odd letters (letters 1 and 3) of ‘Risk” are RS. Nice!

A teller of fabulous tales with a topsy-turvy attitude (5)

‘Attitude’ is POSE, ‘topsy-turvy’ indicates POSE is entered upside-down after A.

Cryptic clues of the week: 18/6/17

Tossman 1032

What a weightlifter might do with one kilo over after slipping on some snow (5-3)

‘What a weightlifter might do’ is A PRESS + (with) KI (‘one’ with ‘kilo’ over it). The definition is ‘after slipping on some snow’. Nicely convoluted.

Kropotkin 994

The Maori sub-tribe are an isolated settlement up North (2, 5)

A clue that is particular to New Zealand and wouldn’t make much sense anywhere else! ‘The Maori’ is TE (‘the’ in Maori) + HAPU (a sub-tribe) + A for ‘are’: an are is a unit of measurement (as in hectare).

Observer Everyman 17/6/17

Famous person’s stage tip (6)

‘Stage’ is LEG (ie a stage of a race). ‘Tip’ is END (ie the tip of a knife). ‘Famous person’ is the definition. This is a great example of the compiler’s craft in hiding the solution in a web of double meanings!