BotW: Keeping track of blood moons

The blood moon mechanic in Breath of the Wild is a key part of the game. Early on, the blood moon can just feel like a way to make the game harder. But later on, it’s clear that each blood moon provides a chance to get valuable resources. This post describes a simple way I use to keep track of the blood moon cycle. It also describes an odd glitch where the blood moon reset occurs without the cut scene playing.

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Letters from Paya

Paya’s secret correspondence

PayaEveryone who’s made it to Breath of the Wild‘s Kakariko village knows Paya: the shy and dutiful grand-daughter of Lady Impa, she spends her waking hours caring for Impa’s great house and devotedly tending to the religious and cultural icons of the village.

But Paya is not all she seems. It’s not just her birthmark which is hidden: her letters reveal concealed strengths and determination, as well as an undercover mission of grave importance to the future of Hyrule…

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