Cryptic clues of the week: 18/6/17

Tossman 1032

What a weightlifter might do with one kilo over after slipping on some snow (5-3)

‘What a weightlifter might do’ is A PRESS + (with) KI (‘one’ with ‘kilo’ over it). The definition is ‘after slipping on some snow’. Nicely convoluted.

Kropotkin 994

The Maori sub-tribe are an isolated settlement up North (2, 5)

A clue that is particular to New Zealand and wouldn’t make much sense anywhere else! ‘The Maori’ is TE (‘the’ in Maori) + HAPU (a sub-tribe) + A for ‘are’: an are is a unit of measurement (as in hectare).

Observer Everyman 17/6/17

Famous person’s stage tip (6)

‘Stage’ is LEG (ie a stage of a race). ‘Tip’ is END (ie the tip of a knife). ‘Famous person’ is the definition. This is a great example of the compiler’s craft in hiding the solution in a web of double meanings!