Cryptic clues of the week: 11/6/17

Two tricky clues this week, both designed to mislead and confuse the solver:

Observer Everyman 10/6/17

Not entertained by low wit lacking variety (10)

‘Lacking variety’ is the definition. ‘Low’ is a synonym of ‘MOO’ and ‘wit’ is ‘NOUS’. ‘Not’ is ‘entertained’ (ie contained) by MOONOUS. A clever play on words to mislead the solver!

Kropotkin 993

Where you would have found me in capitals, and maybe still can! (7)

‘Where’ indicates the answer is a place name. ‘Me’ in capitals is ME, which is the abbreviation for myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. In New Zealand, this is also known as ‘Tapanui flu’. So Tapanui is the answer, the place you would find ME. A real puzzler!