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Letters from Paya

Paya’s secret correspondence

PayaEveryone who’s made it to Breath of the Wild‘s Kakariko village knows Paya: the shy and dutiful grand-daughter of Lady Impa, she spends her waking hours caring for Impa’s great house and devotedly tending to the religious and cultural icons of the village.

But Paya is not all she seems. It’s not just her birthmark which is hidden: her letters reveal concealed strengths and determination, as well as an undercover mission of grave importance to the future of Hyrule…

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06: Hateno house repairs

Dearest Lasli,

PayaJust a brief note to let you know what’s been happening here in Hateno. I am keeping busy with things around the house. I like to keep it tidy, so that when Link returns from his adventures at the end of the day everything looks welcoming. I make sure there is food on the table and there are fresh flowers around the place.

The other evening I mentioned to Link that there was a small leak in the roof, and that my bedroom gets a puddle during the frequent heavy rain here.


The next morning he was up on the roof early, and soon found and repaired the leak. What a kind and thoughtful soul he is! I know you admire him as much as I do 🙂

I hope all is well with you and the store is keeping you busy.

Ps please give Cottla and Koko a big hug from me – I miss them too.

Your dear friend…


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