BoTW: Secrets of Satori mountain

Warning: this post contains spoilers which will help you power up before taking on the game’s strongest enemies. The early stages of the game in Breath of the Wild can be frustrating, especially if you find the finer details of combat difficult to master. Once you are ready to leave your starting point on the Great Plateau, you’ll be given the paraglider and directed to head East to start the main quest.

This post describes an alternative direction to head once you leave the Plateau, and a location (Satori Mountain) that will help you quickly power up in readiness for the main quest. And as you progress through the game, you can keep returning to Satori for valuable resources.

The instructions assume you have just completed the Plateau tasks and have been given the paraglider, and will provide a safe route to Satori:

  1. Start from the Oman Au shrine and go to the edge of the plateau. Now head west along the north edge of the plateau. Keeping close to the edge will let you avoid the enemies in the woods on your left. You need to go a little way past Hopper Pond until you reach the point shown here:Plateau map
  2. Look out in the direction shown: you should see the road below the plateau heading off to the north. In the far distance you will see Satori mountain, while closer you will see the Outskirt Stable, your first stop on the way. They are the glowing lights in the night-time shot below:
  3. Using the paraglider, glide down to the road and head to the Outskirt Stable – this road is very safe but there are a few dangerous place to avoid just off the road:
    On top of the huge rock to the right of the road is the Coliseum – this is dangerous unless you’re well prepared.
    On top of the high hill behind the stable is a wizzrobe – again, a tricky enemy early in the game.
  4. The Outskirt Stable has various useful people and resources, and a little way up the hill behind is a shrine you should at least unlock to provide a fast-travel point. If it is late in the day, it’s probably safest to stay at the stable until morning as even safe places can be dangerous at night!
  5. When you are ready to continue, head off to the north once again and follow the road. Soon you will cross a little bridge and the road will head up hill:
  6. Follow the road and veer around the low hill on the right. Soon the road will fork: the left fork takes you into the Dalite Forest, while the right-hand road takes you through the ruins of Sanidin Park and on to the North:All this area is very safe (at least in the daytime!) provided you don’t cross the Tamio River.
  7. For now, don’t head down the right road, head across the grassy plain and towards the mountain. Or, if you prefer, take the path through Dalite Forest and head towards the mountain that way: you’ll find a few deer, wild boars, and plenty of mushrooms and other plants. But don’t spend too long hunting as you want to get well up the mountain to activate the Mogg Latan shrine:

Once the shrine is activated, you can quickly return to Satori mountain regularly to harvest the rich resource here: pretty much everything here respawns every few days, except weapons which respawn every blood moon. While you should spend time exploring the mountain to find the full range of goodies, here are some of the highlights:

Endura Carrots

Just below the shrine is a flat area with a few trees and rocks. Amongst the trees are 3-4 Endura carrots which can be cooked into meals: these enhance your endurance and can also be sold for a high price. You might want to check out our guide to cooking.

Hearty Durians

From the flat area with the Endura carrots, head east a short way to find a grove of trees. This includes about 5 durian trees, each with 1 or 2 fruit. These are an enormously powerful resource in BoTW: each of them cooked into a meal will restore all your health and overfill by 4 hearts. So a meal of 5 heart durians will temporarily increase your health to that of a late-game powered-up player! A bunch of these meals in your inventory will give you a huge advantage in combat.

A hidden sword

Again, starting from the flat area below the shrine, head down to the next level a little to the east. Here you will see a skeleton on the ground. You can use magnesis to get a very useful golden claymore from the pile of bones. Beware: if you come back late at night this skeleton will come alive. While it does carry some great weapons, it is pretty tough to beat early in the game.

The magic diamond rock

Further down the slope below the shrine is an inconspicuous grey rock: you know, the sort you lift to find a cricket or piece of flint. But this rock is special because it only ever has a diamond underneath – and diamonds are a very valuable resource  in the game! Check out the page on Farming diamonds for more details.

Rutile Lake + spear

From the shrine area, glide down to the south-west to Rutile Lake. Surrounded by water in the near end of the lake is a tree stump, and embedded in the top is a forked lizal spear. You can use magnesis to retrieve it.

Also around the lake are various useful plants, including 3 more Endura carrots and several Durian trees. Remember to come back to harvest these every few days: they are very valuable resources. Heads up: there are a few pesky octoroks in the forest near this lake. These are the only enemies in the whole Satori mountain area during the daytime.

Satori mountain peak

You will also find 3-4 Endura carrots around the other side of the peak from the shrine, underneath a beautiful cherry tree. This is a magic spot: if there is an eerie blue glow around the peak, the lord of the mountain is in residence. At this time all kinds of special resources are available in various spots around the mountain:  goats, lizards, wolves, and rare butterflies.

Explore the whole mountain

You will find special groves of mushrooms and plants around the mountain, including a whole forest of apple trees in case you need a few hundred apples 🙂 And plenty of hunting in Dalite forest – and it’s all totally safe by day.

If you want to power up quickly, come back to Satori mountain every few days to harvest resources. You will soon be well-prepared to take on the main quest and deal with stronger enemies.

Above all, have fun and enjoy this special place.!

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