BoTW: Farming giant ancient cores

Giant ancient cores are one of the hardest items to obtain in Breath of the Wild, but also pretty essential for acquiring and upgrading important weapons and armour. This post explains one reasonably fool-proof and safe way to farm them. The drop rate of giant ancient cores in this location over time is 1 in 8.

Note: This post is about farming giant ancient cores. You might also like to check out my separate post about farming ancient cores and other Guardian parts.

I’ve found that the flying guardians are the most reliable source of giant ancient cores. The trouble is, some of these enemies are in locations which make them difficult to attack and retrieve the drops. Here’s my solution:

Firstly, make sure you have a 3-shot bow and at least two ancient arrows. This makes the attack easy because three strikes from ancient arrows will kill any over-world guardian. You can use lesser weapons but the attack can quickly become a bit messy 🙂

The attack starts from the site called Ancient Columns which is close to the Tabantha Great Bridge. There is a shrine close to the top of the high ground that you can use to access the location:

ancient columns

What could go wrong? Occasionally there are a few wolves, and further down the slope from the shrine are some Moblins – I tend to avoid these so I can focus on my farming run. But the biggest danger is from the two flying guardians that circle the stone pillars that the road down below winds between. Luckily they move in very predictable paths and watch the road.


In the above screenshot, the red 1 and 2 indicate the two flying guardians circling the stone pillars. To follow my simple method, you need to start your attack from the green circle across the other side of the gap. So go north to the cliff edge then glide (ie following the blue arrow) across the gap to the other side. Don’t worry, the guardians won’t see you even if you glide over their heads:

Once on the other side, move to the edge and make sure you have your 3-shot bow equipped with ancient arrows. Wait until you see the first guardian turn towards you, then glide out towards the top of the stone pillar. Wait until you’re quite close then aim the arrow for its body in slow-mo time – you need all 3 shots to hit. Once you see it take a fatal hit and begin falling, glide to the top of the stone pillar it was circling:

From the top of the stone pillar, wait until you see the second guardian coming towards you. Attack this guardian in exactly the same way:

Once you have destroyed both guardians, glide down to the road way and collect all your loot – be quick as some of the light items such as ancient screws can roll away if it’s very windy.

I consistently get a 1 in 8 drop rate for giant ancient cores from this location – that is, I get on average 1 giant ancient core every 4 visits.

Have fun…

A reminder: You might also like to check out my separate post about farming ancient cores and other Guardian parts.