BotW: Farming diamonds

Diamonds are the most valuable gems you can come across in Breath of the Wild. As well as fetching a high price from merchants, they are also used for dyeing and upgrading armour. But perhaps their most important use is in having the champion weapons remade when they break. This post describes the most reliable place in the game to find diamonds.

First of all, let’s look at the general location: if you haven’t found Satori Mountain yet, its time you did. This region is very safe and is filled with all kinds of resources so it’s worth a visit every few days to gather respawning plants etc. The mountain is not far from the Coliseum and the Outskirt stable, and is directly west of (and across the river from) the Central Tower:

Satori mountain location

Finding the diamond

You’ll note that there is a convenient shrine there – Mogg Latan, which is fairly high up on the slope of the mountain. Also note the star which is almost due south of the shrine – that’s the location of this unique source of diamonds. You can glide down from the ledge that the shrine is on, flying over two lower levels as you go. (The first of these levels is flat and is a good spot to find Endura carrots and crows. The next level down has a pile of bones which come to life at night – one of the few monsters in the area.) Below that is our destination:

This video clip shows Link starting from the shrine, gliding over the two lower levels to the first of two large rocks projecting from the side of the mountain. At the base of the first projecting rock, just the other side of the row of pine trees, is a small liftable boulder which looks like all the others in the game but is very special:

Other rocks and ores will occasionally provide diamonds, but most of the time produce lesser rewards. This boulder only ever has diamonds – no amber, flint or frog! This is probably unique in the whole game – no other liftable boulder that I know of has just one possible reward. It won’t have a diamond every day, but every 2-4 days it will. Although it might be a bit of a stretch to call it ‘farming’ when there’s just one diamond to be found here, you can build up a good stock of diamonds over time.

More about diamonds in BotW

You can sell them for 500 rupees each, but I suggest you don’t! They are very useful, especially for reforging the champion weapons when they break. The Great Eagle bow in particular is a great weapon, not as damaging as a Savage Lynel bow but faster and (because it’s wood) is immune to lightning.

You can also get diamonds from Ledo, an NPC in the Zora region by swapping 10 luminous stones for 1 diamond. On the surface, this seems like a bad deal since you can sell the stones for 700 rupees, more than you can get for a diamond. But buying a diamond costs 2,000 rupees – so if you need diamonds (and you probably will!) this can be effective.

By the way, there’s a Korok seed very near the diamond boulder. And make sure you explore the rest of Satori mountain, especially when you see a strange blue light shining up from the peak. Also, just below the two projecting rocks is a magic grove of mushrooms which has the game’s richest source of beetles at special times.

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