BotW: Beat Ganon, now what?

This post describes something I’d love to see – an alternative to the current end-game of Breath of the Wild which would maintain the game’s openness while providing an extra level to the exploration.

Link on his front lawn
Let’s see – I think I’ll grow some durians here, and some sanke carp in the pond.
Oh, and a decayed guardian away from the house so I can practise parrying…

When you beat Ganon (now)

The game knows you beat the final boss but nothing in the game really changes, you are still able to explore the wonderful open world of BotW. You can carry on completing quests and shrines, fighting enemies and gathering resources. While this ending to the game is consistent with other Zelda games and with the openness of the game, it can be a little disappointing for some players. Continuing to play after beating Ganon can seem a bit pointless.

When you beat Ganon (in my dreams)

After beating the final boss, you’d have an edit mode or sandbox mode available. In this mode:

  • You wouldn’t be able to interact normally with the world other than moving about – Link would become invisible to NPCs and enemies.
  • You’d be able to delete an item – an enemy or an object or resource such as a tree
  • You’d be able to add an item to the landscape – eg you could place a tree. There’d be limitations on this – see below
  • You wouldn’t be able to delete or add NPCs, or certain special entities such as dragons
  • You wouldn’t be able to alter the landscape (although in version 2, who knows…)

To make this more challenging, you could be limited to only being able to add items that you have added to the compendium. And there’d be a limit to the number that you could add to the world – eg if you wanted a durian tree on the lawn of your house in Hateno, you might have to delete one elsewhere first. Or it could even be that you’d have to drop a durian fruit which would then grow into a tree over the next blood moon.

I know it’s not going to happen – but I’d buy a new version that did this!