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237px-crossword_psfPavlova does not compile the crosswords and has no connection with the compilers.

Pavlova provides these solutions solely as a public service. There is no guarantee of accuracy, but Pavlova has been enjoying solving cryptic crosswords for many years, and is usually confident of the solutions posted!

The main advantages of the crossword solutions posted here are that:

  • The solutions are available within 24 hours (and usually much less) of the original crossword being published, so you don’t have to wait a week or more to get help if you are stuck.
  • Because each solution is hidden until you click the Show button, there is no chance of ‘spoilers’ – ie seeing the answers to other clues.
  • You can ask a question (see below) if you need an explanation of a particular clue.

Don’t understand a solution?

If you’d like an explanation of any of the clues, you are welcome to post a comment in the comments section just below the solution. Pavlova (or maybe even another reader of the site) will post a reply as soon as they can.

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How to solve Kropotkin, Tossman and other cryptic crosswords.

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