06: Hateno house repairs

Dearest Lasli,

PayaJust a brief note to let you know what’s been happening here in Hateno. I am keeping busy with things around the house. I like to keep it tidy, so that when Link returns from his adventures at the end of the day everything looks welcoming. I make sure there is food on the table and there are fresh flowers around the place.

The other evening I mentioned to Link that there was a small leak in the roof, and that my bedroom gets a puddle during the frequent heavy rain here.


The next morning he was up on the roof early, and soon found and repaired the leak. What a kind and thoughtful soul he is! I know you admire him as much as I do 🙂

I hope all is well with you and the store is keeping you busy.

Ps please give Cottla and Koko a big hug from me – I miss them too.

Your dear friend…


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