05: The double-cross

Dear Lady Impa,

PayaI have disturbing news to report. I am not sure what it means for our long-term-plans, but I am concerned for Link’s safety.

This morning I overheard Link talking with Bolson and Karson by the cooking pot just outside our house. I clearly heard Bolson ask link where he was going during the day.

Not long after Link set off, I noticed Karson heading out the town gate on the road towards Kakariko. He did seem a little nervous – but of course the woods there are filled with dangerous creatures, so that’s understandable.

He only went a little way and stopped under a tree. He kept looking around, as if waiting for someone. Suddenly, out of the bushes stepped a stranger – the two of them spent a few minutes talking in hushed tones, then the stranger passed Karson a small purse. As the starnger slipped away I noticed the symbol tattooed on his arm – Yiga!

The only conclusion I can reach is that Bolson and Karson are double-agents and are betraying you. At the same time as they are keeping a watchful eye on Link for you, they are telling the Yiga clan where to find him.

It seems clear that they are both traitors on the Yiga payroll. Should they be terminated immediately to avoid Link coming to harm? I will carry this out personally if that is your wish.

I await your instructions…


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