04: Paya’s secret

My Lady Impa,

PayaI am pleased to confirm that we now have a secure method of communication. I can now report that everything is going to plan and the boy suspects nothing.

Your strategy of convincing Link that I was hopefully infatuated with him has worked brilliantly. He’s not the the brightest lantern in Hateno of course, but he seems totally off-guard and I can ask him anything. I only have to lower my gaze and blush like a love-struck teenager and he, totally disarmed, will tell me all. Perhaps he is distracted by the thought of my secret birthmark which you cunningly mentioned to him those many weeks go! You truly have the wisdom of the goddess 🙂

I will send intelligence as it comes to hand. In the meantime, I can confirm that your two agents are in place outside the boy’s house in Hateno. They are operating under the names of Bolson and Karson – faintly ridiculous I thought, but never mind. I have to say they are very convincing as a pair of useless layabouts, it seems to come naturally to them both. I haven’t yet had a chance to question them but I am working on building their confidence in me.

Your loyal servant…


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