01: Paya travels to Hateno

Dearest Lasli,

PayaI was so sorry to leave the village without telling you, but I had no time to come and see you. Lady Impa instructed me to leave and head for Hateno straight away. I barely had time to pack a few things before I left!

It seems that the hero Link now has a house in Hateno and I am to be his housekeeper. Lady Impa is clearly worried he’ll be so busy ridding Hyrule of evil that he won’t have time to take care of himself. I’m not sure how long this will be for but I will try to get back to Kakariko to see you whenever I can.

I know you have seen Link around Kakariko from time to time – and I have confided in you about my feelings for him. It might be a bit awkward living under the same roof as him, but I feel I must obey Lady Impa in this. These are difficult and dangerous times after all.

I will have to rely on travelling merchants to deliver these letters, but I will be in touch again as soon as I can. I hope the shop is going well and that everything is peaceful in the village.

Your dear friend…


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